Hello world! Welcome to Last Aesthetics Standing.

Now you all must be wondering! LastAestheticStanding? What a peculiar name for a website?

Maker:Prithvi Singh

Well let me put you to ease yes yes, It is a strange name I won’t deny that but just stick with me.

Let me explain the meaning behind this name,

Specifically for me and hopefully after reading this it will have the same meaning for you as well.

So let us begin with Aesthetics (its most basic meaning is beauty) these days it’s mostly used among Fitness terms which is not incorrect.

As there’s definitely beauty in Human body along with the symmetry, the definition in the muscle,

the body proportion’s, healthy Skin, improved body language and a whole healthy look that comes with the proper commitment to fitness and nutrition.

By now you might have guessed that this is most probably a fitness blog and let me tell you you are right buuuuuut not entirely.

Reason For The Name:

Aesthetics “being basically a set of principles concerned with the nature and the appreciation of beauty” it can never end with just one small aspect of life.

Hence the aesthetics part of the name is not mainly going to be about fitness, it will be about life

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Experiences mainly mine, but I am sure not only will it be some what familiar but also might just give you some value.

That said the more important part’s of the name ‘ LastAestheticStanding’ are Last and Standing,

Because the true beauty is the one that last’s, the one that stands through the test of time.

Plus The Standing in the ‘LastAestheticStanding’ is more of a promise from me to you,

its to build trust with you that I will to give my best effort to stand through the test of time

And in the end whatever I provide you will never lose it value.

The Purpose:

We are here to help you with Real lasting Transformations but not just body transformations but lifestyle as well.

Yes I can promise you a 9 week or even a 3 month complete body transformation but I won’t….

It’s not because I can’t help with that because I can and

As a Certified Fitness Trainer I even know how exactly It’s done.

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

But that will be a huge Disservice to you due to many reasons.

The most important one is that it’s not sustainable and it will not laaasssttttt…

I am here to help you transform completely not just in the short term but in terms of lifestyle,

Cause that ensures longevity and consistency and thats were true Aesthetic’s lies.

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comment for any queries.

watch out for all the new content soon too come.

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A tiny speck of dust in this ever-changing Universe, Simply trying to figure out my place in this journey called life. Well The Deep thoughts apart I am - Certified Fitness Coach Female Fitness Trainer Special Population Trainer Traveller Storyteller Motivator Camper


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