Interview With A Marketer

Recently I Interviewed a Marketing personnel with an experience of over 3 Decades in their field.

Due to the current situation It wasn’t a personal interview in their office but over a webcam,

As it was a personal Favour and they didn’t really wanted to put themselves on youtube

So I am going to share my whole experience and what I learned from it with you on Todays blog ” Interview With A Marketer“.


1989: She finished her UG from Delhi in the PCBM stream.

But Manly Due to social and family situation decided to pursue Ad and Marketing and Applied For a PG Diploma Course.

The Inspiration to pursue Marketing came from the idea to help her father expand his business.


So By 1990 after the completion of Her PG Diploma she got an opportunity to work under one of her teacher in a Magazine and Ads department of YMCA India.


1993: An opportunity arised to set up her own agency with 4 of her friend. 

They worked on a project by project basis to try and capture/ create their position in the Market.

she also worked on in Event management of their clients also mostly at that time a lot of product based marketing

was done through Exhibitions, so she had worked in setting up various exhibitions.

From where she was approached,

to work on planning out a whole marketing project of a company named Curocrafts.


1995: She was pushed out of the company by the other 4 members but due to her work that she had done for Curocrafts

she was offered a job and according to her life then it was the best possible option.

 Already Working in the Marketing field now by a total accident,

she stumbled upon the niche, The industry that she is still active in 

which is an amalgamation of everything Related to Home decor- the Design ,

Merchandising , the supply chain , Market Research And exports.


Now after Decades of working, She Has her own Company which is a buying house/agency( its a B2B Business)

with 3 different clients in USA and over 50 venders are currently actively managed By them.

which is still considered a small to almost medium scale operation in the industry.

What I have understood is that in India the marketing and expansion

in terms of costumer acquisition is still Mainly done through Cold callings and 

word of mouth

Although the cold callings has a very low effectiveness this is a industry which runs because of “Craftsmanship”.

So you need to be bold and just simply pick up the phone to find new opportunities

and when you do give a work so great that the best opportunities can find their way to you 

through word of mouth.


As a digital Marketer I enquired why haven’t  they tried to use Digital Marketing to expand the business.

The Answer to that was yes Digital Marketing is the future and if you don’t Adapt you can not stay relevant.

She has also taken in new clients and projects to work on that but its still a bit of a closed knit Industry

That requires a lot of trust building and Many aspects of the business can not be done through the Digital medium,

Site visits , face to face dealings with the venders , quality check 

physical meetings with the overseas buyers are still very important.


They are trying to go digital and try to expand their reach to Europe but currently Cause of COVID these projects have been put on hold.


Also a simple Quote I got  from them is

‘ Like Many I found my calling in the most unexpected way but what many don’t

tell us that it’s not about finding your calling because inevitably you will it is

about facing the calling head on and trying to make the best out of it’ .


Hope you liked this story of a Marketer with more than 3 Decades worth of experience in their field.

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