Role Of Challenges In Our Life

Hello there! Welcome to LastAestheticStanding, today we are going to talk about The Role that Challenges play in

our lives.

Ahhhh… Challenges, Everybody loves a good challenge right?

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Wrong!! This ideology couldn’t be more wrong in todays day and age off convenience.

Where at the first sign of Trouble(Challenge) Relationships , Friendship’s, our Health , Business, Goals or maybe

sometimes families ties

are thrown out of the window instead of facing them simply because they became an inconvenience.

One of the big reason for this is that convenience we have at our fingertips how with a single touch we can get

anything we want.

Though it may not be a bad thing as it definitely helps in improving quality of life but we also can’t deny the

detrimental effect it has had on us….

Because it has made us so Used to Instant Satisfaction that we have simply become LAZY.

In addition to that not only have we forgotten the ROLE that challenges play in our life,

we have stopped learning how to face them and have started running away from them

to something else until even that “SOMETHING” Starts throwing Challenges

at us and then we again start running towards something more Convenient for the time being…..

Simply we are at a risk of becoming a society that aren’t problem solvers but are Scared of those Problems.

Have heard the term Delayed Gratification ,

Simply it’s like imagine you are feeling a little hungry okay but instead of stuffing your face with some Donuts

you keep doing your work then go to the gym and when you finally come back home

and then take that first bite of your dinner(doesn’t matter the if its fancy or not) that satisfaction

you get that’s what delayed Gratification is.

It’s in the most simple terms is to work for your Reward.

This is what we have lost due to the Habit of receiving Instant Satisfaction, the core of the reason to face challenges

to work for your Reward“.

Challenges are what make life interesting,

It’s Challenges that gives our life meaning and help us improve for the better.

Its exactly like The weights we lift that constant load and tension we put one our muscle to make them bigger and


For our life Challenge play the same role they are the load we need to carry and overcome to become stronger to

grow challenges are opportunities that helps us enlarge and enrich our lives.

Even if we Fail we grow we at least learn what not to do it always helps us change for the better.

I truly Believe that this is the role of Challenges in our life ( challenges lead to growth) because what the

alternative that no matter what we do nothing will ever change………….

No I can not do that because it’s a very nihilistic point of view and absolutely incorrect,

Every individual is at least capable enough to ruin or enrich the live of the people around them.

Which definitely means our actions do matter and definitely have an effect in the world. So why not we make sure to

grow, improve and expand our lives as much as possible.

Does that mean we might need to face more challenges? Well yes but it doesn’t mean we have to fear them because

even if you don’t use them to grow you will still need to face them no matter what cause the are a part of life.

My Whole stance in this article is simple convenience is killing us not directly and not individually but in a more

collective sense as it helps in creating a society of people ridden with laziness and scared of facing problems.   

After all this we still are baffled or surprised and ask ourselves or maybe even others ‘How come we/I am soo alone ,

why am I lonely or single and how come I am Mirroring my couch?

Well chances are you are turning into your couch.

It is our ability to overcome the struggle and go towards our goal ruthlessly that helps us become what we want

and it can never happen with us sitting at our home or by running away from the current reality.

Someone once said ‘Sometimes you find the thing that you want in the place where you least expect it to be’

according to me that philosophy is truly flawed.

I believe in the Carl Jung version of the same i.e. ‘That which you most need will be found where you least want to look

The reason why I believe in it is very simple because most of the time in your life it is definitely going to hold true.

As most of the time we ignore what we have to do cause it’s the easier way out, but doing nothing is not a way out

it’s just delaying the inevitable.

I truly Understand not wanting to LOOK! Cause that place is definitely terrifying and its filled with your biggest and

most important challenges of your life of course it’s going to be scary.

In the end you have to look there because that’s where the answer is and that’s what gowning up is facing the

biggest and the most difficult challenges of life Head on…..

So by now you all must be pretty motivated but still might be confused or basically direction less.

Basically what can you do? So here is an exercise that you can do okay?

“Think of one thing just one small thing (because we are at the beginning stage don’t try and start with an herculean task) that you might want to improve in you or your immediate vicinity.”

Take 30 seconds….

Okay now that you have decided now you have 10 mins to just simply improve the thing that you chose.

Example: It can be your room , So in the next 10 min you might just be able to simply clean the room and its okay you

did something you improved it from before.

Example 2: its might be your health , so maybe you went for a 10 min walk or started climbing up and down the

stairs for the next 10 mins.

This is how you start this is how you begin to challenge yourself by doing something hard enough for the current you..

but not soo hard that you cant even begin to fathom how you are going to go about it and become demotivated and

quit before you even started.

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