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Interview With A Marketer

Recently I Interviewed a Marketing personnel with an experience of over 3 Decades in their field. Due to the current situation It wasn’t a personal interview in their office but over a webcam, As it was a personal Favour and they didn’t really wanted to put themselves on youtube So I am going to share …

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Role Of Challenges In Our Life

Hello there! Welcome to LastAestheticStanding, today we are going to talk about The Role that Challenges play in our lives. Ahhhh… Challenges, Everybody loves a good challenge right? Wrong!! This ideology couldn’t be more wrong in todays day and age off convenience. Where at the first sign of Trouble(Challenge) Relationships , Friendship’s, our Health , …


Fitness Transformation

Watch the very first webinar I have conducted Hope you like it as well as Learn The Mindset and the basic framework required to actually have a successful transformation not just physically but even your lifestyle. Learn The importance of Accountability. The Benefit of investing in yourself. The longevity and improvement in the quality of …