Well About Us; We Help you achieve real and more importantly lasting transformation


Not in terms of just looks/Aesthetics but in terms of your Lifestyle as well.

YES that is me Prithvi Raaj Singh Standing and posing in front of a giant waterfall .

and yes me and the cameramen we both got soaking wet.


But more importantly I am a certified Personal Trainer (from GGFI)


Female fitness Trainer and A Special population fitness trainer.


LastAestheticStanding is if we go in a very basic sense is to provide personal Training on an online platform.

But for me it’s so much more than that.


In all honesty it is my Digital marketing project…..

It is an 12 week intense training programme which will not just help you learn the core of digital Marketing but will also open you up Mentally.

so if interested do check out DIGITAL DEEPAK


But still this is my own website and nothing can change my ability or the amount of credibility that comes from my certification and experience.

We had to choose our Niche in the project given to us and I Chose Fitness as a niche because I am confident that I can teach it to you or at the least


I can definitely add something of a value to your current lifestyle.

Also Checkout Our Blog to lean more About us.